--April 30th 2022--
Welcome to ErtlFO.com! Unfortunatly we lost our original web address to China. But the website is still here!

--Mar. 19th 2018--
Added photos to the Collections page. "Military Movers"? Huh...?
Special thanks to Andrew MacKenzie and Cpl. James Smith, RAF Red Arrows for sharing!

--Feb. 20th 2017--
Made a Facebook page (here) and a Facebook group or "forum" (here). Go give us a like on our page and come talk to others in the group!

--Feb. 19th 2017--
After 6 years of the site being down, I have finally got it back up! I'm running through the pages and fixing things like broken links. For now the look and layout of the website will remain the same.

--July 15th 2007--
The rest of the pages have been updated!

--July 14th 2007--
The Diecast Jets page has had a huge overhaul, now listing by date, and showing batch numbers. There's a lot of incomplete batch numbers and dates, help needed.