I like to collect the Ertl Force One diecast planes and I have found it very hard to find the information I need, so I decided to make this site for the collectors or people just interested in them.

Originally this started with only the Force One diecast planes in mind, but over time, during my research, and meeting fellow collectors, I found many other items marketed under the Force One brand name, so this site is now dedicated to all products that were sold under the Force One brand name. Please sign the GuestMap and/or the Guestbook if you don't mind. If you find something wrong, spelling, broken links etc. or just want to talk, you can contact me at

Latest Updates

   The Ertl Force One diecast jets were first introduced in 1987, usually in 1/100th scale. They started to be manufactured in Macau but then changed in 1989 to China. They are extremely well manufactured with smooth and detailed castings. All but three aircraft (the F-117, SR-71 and the B-1) were manufactured with clear canopies and miniature pilots. Ertl stamped the bottom of the planes with


    MADE IN *country*

and they never stamped the planes name on them. The number that is printed on the bottom of the plane is the manufacturing batch number. The oldest issues have aluminum tires, then as time went on they changed them to black plastic tires, also all of the planes have retractable landing gears. The planes are extremely well painted in pretty accurate military or factory colors with some printings of military insignias. They also had a sheet of sticker decals and removable ordinance. Initially the planes were packed in a strong clear plastic bubble, with the edges sandwiched between two sheets of cardboard. In 1992 an extremely strong and clear fronted box pack was introduced.

    In 1987 Ertl also added the first of four helicopters, the AH-64D Apache to the force one list with the same great manufacturing and painting. The canopies are also clear with the same miniature pilots, each helicopter with a crew of two. The rotors are plastic and also have great detail. Later on 1989 Ertl released three more, the MIL Mi-24 Hind, the
Kamov Ka-41 Hokum, and the Bell UH-1D Huey. They were also packaged in the same way and they all had sticker sheets and removable ordinance like the jets.

   In 1990 Ertl also produced small display miniatures. These were single castings. They were marked Ertl and had the plane's name. They had camouflage paint schemes and were packaged on display stands.

   There's some easy ways to figure out the date of the Force Ones, one being the copyright on the back of the box, if its covered, then you can also go by the color of the name of the plane on the card and the look of the background on the card. If the name is purple, and has a 3d grid background with a small sunburst, then its probably from 1988 or earlier. If the name is in yellow and has a large sunburst in the background, then its probably from 1989 - 1991. If it has a fire like text, with a sky background with an F-14 flying through the O of One, then its probably from 1992 and later.

Where to Buy
    I've found that the best place to find them are on eBay, about half of my collection are from sellers there. I've found that the best key words to use when your searching eBay for them are: "ertl force one", "ertl jet", and "ertl helicopter" (Click Here to Start). If you don't like to use the internet to buy things, then I suggest going to swap meets, garage sales, collector shops, and antique malls.

    So far I have only found one book which was recommended by a friend and fellow collector, but I really haven't looked around much. The name of the book is "DIECAST TOY AIRCRAFT-An international guide" by Sue Richardson. You can buy this book off Amazon.com here.

    If you have a picture/better picture I can use, or If you don’t see an Ertl on here that you know of please e-mail me the name, color, and a picture if possible at . We are now accepting photos and info on the Force One military vehicles and the Force One guns.


Name Contributed
Robert Braun Lots of photos, the plastic models so far, and the catalogues.
Chris Bell Planes, info, and photos.
Jason L. Terry Planes, and photos.
Mike McLean Sold me all 12 patches and other planes. Which allowed me to take and add photos to the site.
Kevin Collver Planes.

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